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B-84, Ibr instance,with a bad $caknesson his qB3. 28. P x P RXP RXR PxP \{hitc has now attained his end; he has no longer an)thing to wouy about on the queent side and can concentrate on the King's side aitack. The pased blach CIKIP is barmlcss here, since Black cannot luppori its advance. 3r. R-Kr 3r. B Kt5 would alsohave been good. Q QB! 3r.. . Kt Br 22. Kt Q2 33. Kt-K4 34. P n4! r7''ffi 7 l z ' "&k "/2. % 7z ft'/4. 7lz ffiA With his last lour moves, Whire has built up a splendid attacking position.

As beatcn and as \4hite I This game was crucial lor the match, as subsequenily became eudent, lor Capablanca had bcen dislodged liom his psychologicalthrone and never once looked like recoveringit thrcughout all the thirty-three games shich followed. It is true he put up a mighty resistance, bur he found himself on the delensive, and in chess*rs in ant congict-success lies in attack. Thc "chess mach;ne," by which admiring title he had bcen krovn, rcvealed thc gr€at dralvbacl ofa machine: it had not sulicient flexibiiity to adapt its€lf to altered Ofthc cndlessnegotiationslbr a return match against Alekhinc $e have already written.

R-q5, R KB3; s3. R R4, K 83; 55. K 83, K-K4; 56. K K3, P-R4; 57. IGB3, K 84. "/lt 72 "/tz t E'2 7rZ '&. 2 % The Kings are Gghting for space. 59. R-R2, K Kt4; 60. K Kt3, K-84. 6l rHE venr IIASIERS Sad ! the Pawn is too hot to touch; lor if 6lJ ' ' R x P . t h e ' 6 L R R . K qs. K 82: 6{ K K". t 8 4 . K B r ; C 7 P 8 5 " r n dr v i n ' ' 6r. K Q4. Y:'^^r: The whitc King swings off towards thc other side; obviously Black is still worse off if he captures the Pawn now. K K5,R K3ch; 64 K 84' It-R3 !

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