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Cell adhesion to substrate. Cell adhesion remains a significant methodological issue, although treated tissue culture substrates will generally offer acceptable performance. The extent of adhesion can readily be ascertained by running single line scans repetitively over a representative part of a cell. In extreme circumstances, a line scan will remove the entire cell from its substrate. The reproducibility of features in successive line scans is a useful monitor of stability of the 62 Bushell et al.

It is preferable to grow the cell culture directly in a culture dish that will then constitute the fluid cell for the Explorer Stage. Several of the AFM manufacturers now offer comparably equipped standalone instruments or equivalent optional attachments. The preferred scanner for the latter procedure should have a maximum field of view of some 130 × 130 µm2 and a z range of 10 µm. All combinations of instrumentation will accommodate the full range of relevant operational modes: contact, in situ intermittent-contact in fluid, and F-d analysis.

Scanning electron micrograph of an array of eight cantilevers with individual thicknesses of 500 nm. Fig. 4. Detection of average cantilever position using a multiple laser source vertical-cavity surface-emitting laser and a position-sensitive device. (A) Static mode; (B) dynamic mode. In this experiment we used two reference cantilevers with different coatings and one specific biorecognition cantilever. By specifically binding biomolecules the cantilever is bending downwards due to stress generated on its surface.

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