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By Géza Zboray, Zsolt Kovács, György Kriska, Kinga Molnár, Zsolt Pálfia

This atlas comprises 189 colored photographs taken from transversal, horizontal and sagittal sections of 11 organisms normal in college instructing. Six invertebrate and 5 vertebrate species – from the nematode computer virus (Ascaris suum) to mammals (Rattus norvegicus) – are proven in exact images.Images express pictures taken from unique arrangements and 3D pictures at the enclosed CD. learning the macrosections with unaided eyes, with an easy magnifier or binocular microscope could be of serious aid to complete conventional anatomical stories and to set up a undeniable spatial experience/space perception.This quantity can be of serious curiosity for biology scholars, researchers and academics of comparative anatomy. it may possibly act as aiding fabric of sensible classes. additionally, clinical practitioners, agricultural experts and researchers having an curiosity in comparative anatomy may additionally make the most of it.

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30 cuticula epidermis c1itell i body wall. circular muscle layer supraintesti nal blood vessel body wall. ~:::=:::::==:::i typhlosoliS intestinal epithelium intest inal content subinteetlnal blood vessel paraneural blood vessel subneural blood vessel vent ral nervecord Figure 11. Transversal section of the body through the midgut. The intestinal cavity is filled with intestinal content. Section made with razor blade. Posterior view. (-+) cuticula body wall coeloma disse plmenta chloragogen cells mesenteron s upraintestinal blood vessel meta nephridia meta nephridia Figure 12.

Posterior view. (-t) Figure 18. Transversal section at the level of th e middl e portion of th e foot. j::. pedales p:;f atrium cordis sinus mantle. pallial muscle layer transverse muscle flbersof the foot pallium cavumpallii concha ggl. adductor posterior mantle s kirt mant le. pallial muscle layer right outer gill full of larvae (gloc hidia) branchia medialis d extra exhalant channel leading to the dorsal siphon and Its connection with the epibranchlal space cavumpallii Figure 20 . Transversal section at th e level of the posterior adducto r muscle (female anim al; saw cut).

Horizontal section of the body at the plane of the genital aperture. dorsal view Figure 35. - hor izontal section of the body at the plane of the genital aperture. ventral view 55 muscular body wall eye transition from pharynx to esophagus long horn (retracted) pharynx n. tentaculans primus b~~~-----body cavity short horn (retracted) common gonopore mm. phal')'ngis foot lumen glandulae pedalis Figure 24. Transversal section of the head in the region of the pharynx and retracted eyes. Razor blade section.

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