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By Alfred Auslender, Marc Teboulle

This publication presents a scientific and entire account of asymptotic units and capabilities from which a wide and important concept emerges within the components of optimization and variational inequalities. a number of motivations leads mathematicians to check questions about attainment of the infimum in a minimization challenge and its balance, duality and minmax theorems, convexification of units and services, and maximal monotone maps. for every there's the important challenge of dealing with unbounded events. Such difficulties come up in thought but additionally in the improvement of numerical methods.
The e-book makes a speciality of the notions of asymptotic cones and linked asymptotic capabilities that supply a average and unifying framework for the solution of those sorts of difficulties. those notions were used principally and typically in convex research, but those strategies play a trendy and self sustaining position in either convex and nonconvex research. This booklet covers convex and nonconvex difficulties, supplying specific research and strategies that transcend conventional approaches.
The ebook will function an invaluable reference and self-contained textual content for researchers and graduate scholars within the fields of recent optimization idea and nonlinear research.

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Let z1 , . . , zm be vectors such that m zi := (ti , di ) ∈ (cl Ki )∞ , ∀i ∈ [1, m], zi = 0. 3(b) is satisfied for the sets Ci , it is also satisfied for the sets cl Ki , namely −zi ∈ cl Ki , ∀i = 1, . . , m. , we have to prove that zi + cl Ki ⊂ cl Ki , ∀i = 1, . . , m. 3 Closedness Criteria 41 Let zi = (0, di ), di ∈ (Ci )∞ and take any 0 = yi ∈ cl Ki . 10), yi ∈ Ki or yi ∈ Di . If yi ∈ Ki , one has yi = λi (1, y¯i ), λi > 0, with y¯i ∈ Ci and di yi + zi = (λi , λi y¯i ) + (0, di ) = λi 1, y¯i + .

Then clearly C is not necessarily convex, but it can 1 . 1 Note that the definitions of C∞ and C∞ the theory of set convergence of Painlev´e–Kuratowski. Indeed, for a family {Ct }t>0 of susbsets of Rn , the outer limit as t → +∞ is the set x | lim inf d(x, Ct ) = 0 , lim sup Ct = t→+∞ t→+∞ while the inner limit as t → +∞ is the set lim inf Ct = t→+∞ x | lim sup d(x, Ct ) = 0 . t→+∞ It can then be verified that the corresponding asymptotic cones can be written as 1 = lim inf t−1 C. 4 Let C ⊂ Rn be nonempty and define the normalized set CN := d ∈ Rn | ∃{xk } ∈ C, xk → +∞ with d = lim k→∞ xk xk .

9 Let Ci ⊂ Rn , i ∈ I, be an arbitrary index set. Then: (a) (∩i∈I Ci )∞ ⊂ ∩i∈I (Ci )∞ , whenever ∩i∈I Ci is nonempty. (b) (∪i∈I Ci )∞ ⊃ ∪i∈I (Ci )∞ . The inclusion in (a) holds as an equation for closed convex sets Ci having a nonempty intersection. The inclusion (b) holds as an equation when I is a finite index set. 2 Dual Characterization of Asymptotic Cones 31 Proof. Let d be any point in the set C := (∩i∈I Ci )∞ , which is closed by definition of the asymptotic cone and satisfies ∃tk → ∞, ∃xk ∈ ∩i∈I Ci such that xk → d.

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