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Immunization in pregnancy often brings about much concern for both patient and physician. Teratogenic concerns regarding the vaccine must be weighed against the potential for harm from the infectious agent. In the case of hepatitis A and B, rabies, tetanus, and varicella, patients may be treated with hyperimmunoglobulin or pooled immune serum globulin. Inactivated bacterial vaccines can be used for cholera, plague, and typhoid, as appropriate. Vaccines for measles and mumps are generally considered to be contraindicated, as these are live viruses, although the rubella vaccine, which is known to have been administered inadvertently to more than 1000 pregnant women, has never caused a problem and in fact can be used in selected circumstances of exposure.

The answer is c. ) The multiple marker screening test, also referred to as the expanded AFP test or triple screen, consists of maternal serum measurements of estriol, human chorionic gonadotropin, and AFP. The multiple marker screening test is used to determine a pregnant patient’s risk of having a baby with aneuploidy and a neural tube defect. The AFP test has the greatest sensitivity when done between 16 and 18 weeks. 5 MOM indicates an elevated risk for a neural tube defect and indicates that further workup and evaluation are needed.

They are monochorionic and monoamniotic if they are conjoined twins. They are dichorionic and diamniotic regardless of the sex of the twins. They are monochorionic and diamniotic if they are of the same sex. 58. After delivery of a term infant with Apgar scores of 2 at 1 minute and 7 at 5 minutes, you ask that umbilical cord blood be collected for pH. The umbilical arteries carry which of the following? a. b. c. d. Oxygenated blood to the placenta Oxygenated blood from the placenta Deoxygenated blood to the placenta Deoxygenated blood from the placenta 37 38 Obstetrics and Gynecology 59.

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