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By Raymond Keene

Until eventually his demise in 1935, Aron Nimzowitsch was once one of many world's top chess gamers. The best Grandmaster of the Hypermodern university, his video games have been packed with new principles and plans. this article appears to be like on the video games and occupation of 1 of the main influential chess gamers.

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In reply very the interesting positions in a peculiar which represents 17 first consists of Black c 1 THE SCOTCH GAMBIT 8 manner the special faculty possessed by the late Dr. Zukertort to cope successfully with complicated developments in the Openings. Variations IX. to XII. give four specimens of this debut. In Variations XIII. to XVI. we examine the old form of attack 4 if This B-QB4. , or equalizing obtaining a superior position as in Variation i P-K 4 P-K 4 , 4 Kt x P, I. , Q-Q^ B B4 ; (i) 2 ; KKt-B 3 QKt-B 3 5 B-K 3 (2), Q-B 3 , ; ; 6 XIV.

Kt-KB3 would also seem than P-Q-j.. the play in Variation VI. arising fairly good, were it not out of White's move 6 Q-K2, which we do not consider satisfactory for under a cloud in the " Black. P-Q3 Defence, although for the time being, should, like the best play Philidor," enable a careful second player to draw The same may also perhaps be said of the the game. P-KB4, which has been so enthusiastically advocated by Mr. Reeves. P-K 4 P-K 4 i , ; 2 KKt-B 3 QKt-B 3 3 B-Kt 5 P-QR 3 4 B-R 4 (2) Kt B 3 , ; , .

Continued 13 Kt-B3, Q-B4 14 B-Kt5, P-Q5 15 B x Kt, Q x B 17 Q-B2, B-Kt5; 18 Q-Kt3, B-R4-. Steinitz prefers the 6th and 7th moves transposed for White. 12 Kt-Kt5, Continued as in game 2, match Steinitz v. Lasker. ; ; ; i6QxP, R-Ki; 21 22 PxP; QR-Qi 14 P-Kt4, 15 BPxP, P-KR3; 18 Kt-Rs, Kt-QB4; 19 Kt-B2, 17 B-B2, Kt-Q_2 20 P-Kt5, P-KR4 21 Kt-B5, and White won. B-Q2; 5 8 B-K-3, Kt-Bi Kt-B3, better KKt-K2 ; as in the cable 6 game by 5 6-64. PxP, PxP; 7 B-Kt5, game, Liverpool Chess Club v. Steinitz. 23 Kt, This not good.

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