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By Georges Roux

The booklet offers an creation to the heritage of old Mesopotamia and its civilizations, incorporating archaeological and historic unearths as much as 1992.

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The most popular of these divine beings is Avalokitedvara (spyan-ras-gzigs), the 'Lord o f Compassion', also known as LokeSvara, 'Lord of the World', a title 23 which he holds in common with Hindu h a . ); as well as in the reincarnating line of Dalai Lamas ever since the 5th of the series won by force of m s (1642) both political and religious supremacy in the country. Iconographically Avalokiteivara appears in a number of different forms, of which the most common are the Four-Armed form (Phyag-bzhi-pa), the Eleven-Headed (bCugcig-zhal) and the Eleven-Headed form together with a Thousand Arms and a Thousand Eyes (Phyug-stong spyan-stong).

T. Vol 7 6 , N o 3 4 5 3 , pp 159-3-1 ff. Their mandala is presided over by Vajrapini: dark green in colour. holding a five-tipped vajra and a bell. 23. The description o f the Planets is also taken from Vajravarman's commentary, pp. 162-4-7 ff. Their mandala is also presided over by Vajrapani having the appearance o f Trailokyavijaya. 24. S. F o u r Larnos o f D o l p o . Vol I. pp. 192-6. 1 9 8 . 200, 208, 21 1-2, 2 1 9 - 2 1 . 25. I:or descriptions see Oracles a11d Drrrtotls of Tibet, p p . 9 4 ff.

It rained much and the main road from Leh t o Srinagar was badly damaged at certain points by landslides produced by such abundant rainfalls. We learned from the Tourist Officer that several expeditions from Europe had got stranded in Zangskar and even on one occasion an army llelicopter had t o rescue a woman w h o fell from a horse and broke her ribs. The prospects were not t o o encouraging, but we were determined t o pursue our plans. T h e Deputy Commissioner gave us permission t o buy food supplies in the Government store a t special rates, and offered us a large tent which would require t w o h o n e s t o carry it.

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