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By Robert Dankoff

Evliya Celebi used to be the seventeenth century's such a lot diligent, adventurous, and sincere recorder, whose puckish wit and humor are laced all through his ten-volume masterpiece. This fresh translation brings Evliya sparklingly again to lifestyles. ""Well worthy a read.""-Irish Echo 7/2011

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The multicoloured stained windows above the prayer-niche and the pulpit are the work of Sarhoş (‘Drunkard’) Ibrahim. Mere men are too impotent to praise them. At noon, when these windows let in the rays of the world-illuming sun, the mosque interior shines with light, dazzling the eyes of the congregation. Each pane contains a myriad of varicoloured glass bits, in designs of flowers and of the beautiful names of God in calligraphy. They are celebrated by travellers on land and sea as a sight not matched in the heavens.

Good sir,’ I asked, ‘what is the reason of this congregation’s gathering in this 4 1. ’ ‘The fleet-footed Tatar soldiery, among the Muslim forces in the vicinity of Azov, have come here to Istanbul which is under the protection of the Prophet. Later we will go to help the Crimean Khan. Now the Prophet is coming to perform the morning prayer. With him are Hasan and Husayn and the rest of the Twelve Imams, and the rest of the Ten who were Promised Paradise. He will signal you to begin the call to prayer.

Since you have kissed the hands of the first four caliphs, you will have the honour of conversing with all the padishahs in the world and will be their boon companion. Since you have beheld the beauty of the Prophet, kissed his hand, and received his blessing, you will attain happiness in both worlds. ’ He gave me seven rare and valuable books of chronicles and said, ‘Go forth, may your affair come out right. ’ Having received his benediction, this poor humble one took the treasure of books to a corner of my hovel.

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