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This booklet combines structure with implementation suggestions for complicated programming languages

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2. Other Software Support Software support is also needed to read the TIGRE graph from a file, build it in memory, and print a graph out of memory for debugging purposes. These functions are supported by C procedures that call the TIGRE interpreter as required. The TIGRE input file parser is perhaps the most interesting of these three functions. The TIGRE parser takes two input modes. The first input mode is S-expression notation, which takes parenthesized binary graph expressions such as: ((S ((S (K+)) I ) ) I) which implements the doubling function.

Simple TIGRE assembler code for the + combinator is: /* evaluate first argument */ Chapter 4. Implementation of the TIGRE Machine 40 mov R+, ip evaluate /* recursive call to evaluation function*/ push(result) /* save result on stack */ /* evaluate second argument */ mov R0, ip evaluate /* recursive call to evaluation function*/ mov pop(l), scratchO /* capture first result */ add scratchO, result /* sum in result */ /* re-write answer as LIT node */ mov DO_LIT, LO mov result, R+ return The + combinator first calls the right-hand side of the top node on the stack, which evaluates the first argument to + using a subroutine call.

Note that the notation tempO refers to the address of the tempO node, while LtempO and RtempO refer to the contents of the left- and right-hand sides of node tempO. Once the newly allocated heap cells have been written with appro­ priate values, the root node of the subtree undergoing the S' graph transformation is rewritten to point to t e m p i and temp2. Since it is not easily decidable whether the other nodes participating in the S' reduction are shared by other portions of the program graph, they are simply abandoned.

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