Download An Anthology of German Expressionist Drama: Prelude to the by Bertolt Brecht, Ludwig Rubiner, Paul Kornfeld, Yvan Goll, PDF

By Bertolt Brecht, Ludwig Rubiner, Paul Kornfeld, Yvan Goll, Georg Kaiser, Oskar Kokoschka, Reinhard Sorge, Carl Sternheim, Walter Hasenclever, Rolf Lauckner

Super great assortment because it includes a few performs that aren't that simple to discover translated outdoor of anthologies akin to this. get pleasure from! makes one annoyed with the kingdom of publishing today!!! this article could purely be placed out by way of a college press lovely much.



M a n in t h e C e n t e r , Ludwig Rubiner
Translated by means of Walter H. Sokel

E p i l o g u e t o t h e A c t o r , Paul Komfeld
Translated by way of Joseph Bernstein

Two S u p e r d r a m a s , Yvan Goll
Translated via Walter H. Sokel

M a n i n t h e T u n n e l , Georg Kaiser
Translated through Walter H. Sokel

M u r d e r e r t h e W o m e n ’s H o p e , Oskar Kokoschka
Translated through Michael Hamburger

T h e B e g g a r , Reinhard Sorge
Translated via Walter H. and Jacqueline Sokel

T h e S t r o n g b o x , Carl Stemheim
Translated by means of Maurice Edwards and Valerie Reich

Job, Oskar Kokoschka
Translated by means of Walter H. and Jacqueline Sokel

H u m a n i t y , Walter Hasenclever
Translated by means of Walter H. and Jacqueline Sokel

A l okay i b i a d e s S a v e d , Georg Kaiser
Translated by way of Bayard Quincy Morgan

T h e I m m o r t a l O n e , Yvan Goll
Translated through Walter H. and Jacqueline Sokel

C r y in t h e S t r e e t , Rolf Lauckner
Translated by means of Maurice Edwards and Valerie Reich

B a a l , Bertolt Brecht
Translated via Eric Bentley and Martin Esslin

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Their talk does not mean a thing; but such uncer­ tainty, I suppose, is characteristic of this disease. . t h e f r i e n d . As far as I know, yes, that's the case. — And your mother? th e po et. She languishes. Mainly she anxiously stares at the door and hearkens for my fathers steps. When they come dragging, then she forces for the madman a smile upon her lips, So helpless and touching, that tears well up in my eyes. She weeps so much and speaks of dying. Poverty fills her cup. t h e f r i e n d .

Th e p o e t. THE BEGGAR f r i e n d . Don’t talk like that! You know, we couldn’t make the appointment for any other time; I must leave town tonight again, and your patron—I’m already begin­ ning to call him that—incidentally, he too was in the theater tonight. . t h e p o e t. Did you speak to him? t h e f r i e n d . I called on him this afternoon. He seems to be really impressed with your writing; at least, he had noth­ ing but praise. I think everything will turn out all right. Of course, you mustn’t mention the demands you talked about the other day; today I tried to drop a hint, but he immediately refused.

We are the people of the big cities. We are outcasts, silhouettes between the centuries shot forth like arrows into space. We are those whose skin aches at the idea of postponement, for whom seconds of disappointment can become lifelong scorching wounds of boredom. Every­ thing must pass so fast that the past hisses up into the air like dust clouds behind motorcars. The air must quiver about us. I can only laugh when a synthesizer apprehenses: destruc­ tion. The moral force of destruction alone can make us happy.

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