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Even if much less renowned than a few Anatolian websites, it truly is Amorium's importance as a tremendous payment after the Roman interval that makes it so very important. The excavation programme's major target has been to make clear the Byzantine payment that flourished right here until eventually the eleventh century advert. This guidebook is an try and fill in many of the gaps within the archaeology, and to deliver the town and its heritage again to lifestyles.

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Nothing else is known about Amorium from the surviving Roman sources, and instead we have to rely on the archaeological, epigraphic, and numismatic evidence. It is clear that Amorium already had a prominent position in eastern Phrygia by the early 1st century BC, for it was one of Votive stele to the ‘Mother of the Mountain’ set up by Asclepiades, found at Amorium (Roman, 2nd-early 3rd century AD). Votive stele to the ‘Mother of the Mountain’ set up by Nicomedes, from Amorium, found at Hamzahac›l› (Roman, 2nd-early 3rd century AD).

30 Amorium Middle Phrygian painted pottery fragment (7th century BC). In the Iron Age, too, evidence for occupation at Amorium is limited to a few stray shards of Middle Phrygian painted pottery, dating to the 6th century BC. The lack of significant quantities of early material at Amorium may argue against it being a settlement of any size or importance in prehistoric and classical times. However, the impressive size of the Upper City mound –by far the largest tell in the whole region– speaks for a major prehistoric settlement at Amorium.

In addition to the human suffering, the capture of Amorium caused immense damage to the fabric of the city. As well the church mentioned above, many other buildings must have been burned down, while the rest of the city was apparently pillaged. Literary sources suggest that it was not only captives that the Arabs carried off from Amorium – valuables of all sorts were collected up as booty; these included books and some doors (presumably highly ornate In the 9th century AD Arab power was on the wane, while that of Byzantium was growing.

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