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By Ian Lyster

In the course of global struggle One, the Ottoman Empire, one of many greatest and longest-lasting empires in background, confronted serious demanding situations to its constitution and lifestyles, which ultimately led to its dissolution. one of the Ottomans introduces particular diary bills written by way of generations of an identical kinfolk within the declining years of the Ottoman Empire.Written within the center of the crumbling Ottoman Empire, Marie Lyster’s global warfare One diaries describe the political and social weather of Constantinople as Allied troops swept via Turkey, wreaking havoc at the country’s infrastructure and forcing citizens, despite their nationwide affiliations, to suffer the hardships of warfare. simply two hundred miles away within the Dardanelles, her son Henry fought along the Greek Comitajis, as they clashed with the Bulgarians. Later, because the army Governor of jap Thrace, he witnessed the increase of Turkish Nationalism and the fight for regulate of the fragmented items of the fallen empire.  released for the 1st time, those diaries supply an exceptional account of the nice War’s effect throughout generations and geographical borders and a special perception into the ultimate years of the Ottoman Empire.

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The police are doing all they can in the way of disinfecting public places and taking up people who are not clean, but nevertheless the illness is spreading. April 21st. America has been given notice to leave. I do not know how the ambassador will manage. We are to go to holland for protection, [meaning the dutch Legation] I know no details as yet. We felt pretty comfortable with America to back us. the Italians go to spain as well as the montenegrians. French, russians and Americans to sweden.

It contained two turkish and one English pound. I felt inclined to kiss them like a long-lost friend. I know that Alfred had put them aside as specimens of gold struck during the sultan’s visit to brousa [brusa] and Adrinople [Edirne]; the English pound was of 1824. god is very good to me, I am never grateful enough. I gave a silver 9pts piece which I also found in the box to st. ]. What a pleasure and luxury to be able to give! I must now see what I can get for my gold for it is at a premium. I shall keep the English gold for I hope that I will not need it this month.

13th – russia recognises the new Ankara government. 20th – France also signs agreement with Ankara. Allied conference in Paris recommends that greece and turkey should sign an armistice. the greek leaders in smyrna/Izmir declare autonomy for the greek-speaking parts of Anatolia. turks defeat the greeks at the battle of Afyon. turks take Izmir from the greeks – many greeks killed. 1st – A new turkish constitution abolishes the sultanate. 1-Ottomans:Layout 3 23/09/2010 22:46 Page 37 ChronoLogy october xxxvii 13th – An armistice ends the greek-turkish war.

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