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But Black's reply to the thematic 12 B - K R 6 ? brings about such a quaint position that I just cannot resist including it. 4 N - K B 3 , 2 P - Q B 4 P - K N 3 , 3 N - Q B 3 B-Na, 4 P - K 4 P-0,3. 2 B ~ Q R 3 , 9 P - Q N 3 R - K i , 10 P - Q 5 Q N - Q 2 , 11 R - Q . I N - K 4 , 12 B - K R 6 ? CONTINUED: White ia . . Black N - Q 6 ch! ) unless White takes the Knight off, so he must leave his precious Q B to its fate. 35 KING'S INDIAN DEFENCE S i m±n^±%± 11 * m mm j m±mm m FOUR PAWNS ATTACK It is a common theme, where Black plays a King's side fianchetto, for the Queen to arrive on Q R 4 and stay there unprotected for a while, very often vis-avis with the White Queen on Q2, but with a White Knight between them on QB3.

PLAY NOW CONTINUED: Black ir • • • 12 P x Q »3 K Ba White PxN! R x R ch PxBP and White's King's Rook and K n i g h t are paralysed, leaving Black with overwhelming superiority in respect to "troops immediately available for battle". 33 KING'S INDIAN DEFENCE FOUR PAWNS ATTACK Although White's initial set-up in the Saemisch is rigid and stereotyped, it is still important that his moves be played in the order appropriate to Black's countermeasures. For example, if Black plays 4 . . O - O instead of the usual 4 .

Let us examine two points to watch for, the first involving loss of material, and the second loss of the game itself. Position after 7 . . P-QB4? THE OPENING MOVES I 3 3 4 5 6 Lutikov Bronstein ( U S S R Championship, 11 N KB3 P Q4 PKN3 P-QB4 B-Na N QB3 P-K4 P Q3 P-B3 O-O P-QN3 B K3 7 BQ3 PLAY NOW P-QB4? T h e alternative 6 . . P - Q B 3 is discussed in the lower half of the page. This innocuous-looking move has the merit of making Lutikov's next unsound! CONTINUED: 8 P-K5! 9 B K4 38 WERE: N-KI and Black loses the exchange.

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