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By Chuka Onwumechili

Onwumechili presents an exhilarating standpoint on African army coups and reminds us that democracy isn't really synonymous completely with Western societies. He examines democracies in conventional Africa and indicates how those socieites sincerely outlined and constrained the jobs of conventional African armies.From this heritage, Onwumechili makes readers enjoy that smooth African armies are deviant associations, with out roots in conventional Africa. particularly, he argues, one has to hunt these roots in Africa's contemporary, colonial heritage. Dr. Onwumechili is going directly to describe the explanations for coups and their strategies. eventually, he examines how army coups may be avoided. whereas prior options have principally failed, Onwumechili presents convincing ideas in response to case reviews.

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Coup makers have also pointed to interference in military affairs as well as inadequate military budgets as reasons for military coups. In most of these cases, the coup makers believe that the military should not take orders from civilian administrators. However, national constitutions in most of these states grant the president powers over the national army. The coup makers, however, feel that they can pick and choose which orders to accept and which ones to ignore. To make matters worse, some coup makers feel that budget cuts that affect other sectors of the economy should not affect the army.

Thus, Liberian natives widely welcomed Doe's overthrow of William Tolbert in 1980 to become the first non-Americo-Liberian head of state. Tolbert was assassinated during the coup and Doe declared martial law. Doe's mle was authoritative with a general disregard for democratic principles that had been built up over the years. Charles Taylor, later president of Liberia, served as Chief Procurement Officer for Doe's government. Taylor fled to the United States after he was sought for alleged embezzlement.

We now focus our attention on the following states: Benin Republic, Ethiopia, Ghana, Liberia, Madagascar, Mali, and Zambia. In addition, we will describe two countries—Nigeria and Sierra Leone—where democracy has been disrupted by the military. Benin Republic The Benin Republic is one of few African countries that have undergone more than one democratic election without military intervention. This puts the country in the enviable position of having the potential for consolidated democracy. In fact, Africa Demos (1996) rates the country at the seventh of eight phases on the publication's scale titled Phases of Transition to Democracy.

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