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Moreover, it may be demonstrated that neutral-red vacuoles are formed in association with the Golgi bodies, when the latter are visible in living cells. The externa of the Golgi bodies are only exceptionally stained with this dye. Neutral red is strongly accumulated within the interna of the Golgi bodies, where local cytolysis is produced. and a vacuole stained with neutral red is exuded. Thus, the Golgi apparatus is vacuolieed under the influence of neutral red. A similar effect is produced by morphine (102).

Large amounts of FUNCTIONING OF THE CYTOPLASM 25 lipides are present both within the cytoplasm and the nucleus (152). The architecture of the cytoplasm is variable because the distribution of cytoplasmic fibrils is differentin different cells. This structure is, however, very plastic; it may easily be disturbed and later reconstituted. Reversible, experimentally produced alterations of the cytoplaamic architecture of the sea urchin eggs have been observed by Runnstrom (123,125),. and thoroughly investigated by Monn6 (98,100,103).

Protoplasm is in a state of rapid flux. , the constellation of its atoms, is perpetuated. The structure of protoplasm is in a steady state of dynamic equilibrium. This is a, well-established fact, evidenced FUNCTIONINQ OF THE CYTOPLASM 35 chiefly by the numerous investigations on cellular metabolism performed by the use of radioactive elements (for literature, see 141). No doubt, energy is required to reconstitute the living substance which is continuously broken down. Even nucleic acid, which is associated with genes (chromomeres) and gene-like components of the cytoplasm (chromidia), is continuously broken down and reconstituted.

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