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By Richard Stoneman

From Herodotus to Freya Stark, writers were encouraged by means of Turkey, a different kingdom on the crossroads of background, for millennia. the following, Richard Stoneman describes in vigorous element the notable literature they produced. At a time while Turkey’s place at the fringe could be set to alter to a deeper involvement in Europe, the necessity to comprehend the rustic is much more compelling. the variety of go back and forth writing represented during this ebook indicates how, whereas political conditions may possibly swap, the entice of Turkey continues to be constant.

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13 (ed. 22–3: Âsoi t‡v –k tän pediadän ÝnoÓntai nom‡v to±v z oiv Ëp»spondoi, ‘those who are bound by the treaty to buy pasturage for their animals from the plain-dwellers’. See Magdalino 1993: 126; Stone 2004: 137–8. 16 (ed. Failler 1984–2000, iv 441–3); Foss 1976: 81–3; Failler 1994: 81. 24 Arrangements of this kind were not merely a matter of mutual benefit; they were a reflection of the unequal human division of the valley into two altitudinal zones, each dependent on the resources of the other.

10–19. g. Schuler 1998: 204–7; Debord 1999: 439–41; Bertrand 2005; Mileta 2008: 124–6. See, however, Herz (2001: 419): the term Pedieis in itself carries no ethnic connotations, but is purely descriptive and evaluative. Priene 17, the Prienean Sotas is honoured for having resisted a Galatian incursion with the help of a scratch force, consisting of a group of Prienean citizens and ‘those from the (Prienean) territory who were willing to endanger themselves along with the Prieneans’ (tän ˆp¼ t v cÛrav toÆv [–pi]qu[mžs]antav aÉto±v sugkinduneÅein).

V. Laodikeia. Maurozomes: M´etivier 2009. Antioch: Savvides 1981: 91–111. v. Hisar; Arthur 2006: 169–78. For a plan of Hisar, see S¸ims¸ek 2007: 70. 1 (ad 1213: doux of Thrakesion thema protects properties lying in Maeander thema). In the partitio Romaniae, the thema of Laodicea and Maeander explicitly includes a series of estates in the Maeander delta region: prouintia Laodikie et Meandri, cum pertinentia Sampson et Samakii, cum Contostephanitis, cum Camic¸atis et ceteris atque Chio (Carile 1965: 218, 245–7).

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