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By Wolfsberg Tyra G., Wetterstrand Kris A., Guyer Mark S., Collins Francis S., Baxevanis Andreas D.

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1. Compared with the default settings (Fig. 1), the Chromosome Band, STS Markers, Gap and Coverage tracks have all been hidden, and Human mRNAs is dense rather than full (Fig. 4). • the remaining lines instruct the browser to create four new tracks named scale, Microsatellites, Genotyped SNPs and Upcoming SNPs, respectively. Names are listed on the left side of the browser display. The lines beginning with the word ‘track’ name the tracks, as listed above, and also set the descriptions (our peak, Microsatellites, Genotyped SNPs and Upcoming SNPs) and colors [default (black), green, blue, and light blue] to be used to display those tracks (Fig.

Where can any additional information about the function of these genes be found? gov/SNP. There is a series of links on the page that allow the user to search using either information about the database submission itself or information regarding genes and gene loci. For this particular search, assume that the region of interest is known and defined by two STS markers, RH70674 and G32133. Begin by scrolling to the section labeled Between Markers at the bottom of the page. Enter the STS marker names ‘RH70674’ and ‘G32133’ into the two text boxes, and click on Submit STS Markers.

The results of this customized display are shown in Fig. 4. Lines that begin with the word ‘browser’ control the overall browser display. Lines beginning with ‘track’ create new tracks. Lines following track lines provide positional information for each item to be displayed on that track. Therefore: • the first line of the above format sets the browser to position 38496887–39496866 on chromosome 22. • the next six ‘browser’ lines change the overall browser display for the Chromosome Band, STS Markers, Gap, Coverage, Known Genes and Human mRNAs tracks.

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