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Whereas on holiday along with his relations, Archie witnesses a homicide that no-one turns out to think truly occurred. With the suspect being a recognized Hollywood superstar and a corpse that has been dragged into the sea, no longer even the neighborhood police are prepared to aid.

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When they returned to Hollywood, she remained ill with viruses of various sorts and pleurisy—she got what there was to get. That was one problem. Beyond that, William Powell’s closest friends included Hollywood’s old guard of silent stars and their wives, some of whom had made the transition to sound pictures, and some of whom hadn’t. None of them took to the plain-talking Mrs. Powell; the lightweight; the golddigger with the foul mouth. Then other difficulties presented themselves. Paramount Pictures hit the skids, and some of its stars went public with accusations that the studio had been cooking the books.

The fiercely loyal Fieldsie had leveled her gaze on the not-singing-rightnow Romeo and opined that what he and Carole had “was merely physical” and he needed to accept it for that only. Russ took this as a shot fired across his bow, not from the best friend, but from the girlfriend herself. And Carole got an earful for it. “…As I gathered from Fieldsie,” he wrote bitterly, “I should have felt perfectly contented to take love as it was and enjoyed it and cherished the sweetness and loveliness when it was all over.

Those genial Marx Brothers found the situation quite unamusing, and Groucho, Zeppo, Harpo, and Gummo hopped a train east for a reckoning with the 33 The Long Road New York bosses. Soon one of Paramount’s biggest stars, William Powell, flew the coop for a lucrative $6,000-per-week contract at Warner Bros. of Burbank negotiated by Myron Selznick. Suddenly, Bill and Carole were no longer workplace comrades with a standing date for lunch. In a deadly logical career move, Carole filled the void left by Bill’s departure from Paramount by hiring as an accountant/personal assistant/secretary not some bookish prude but pal Madalynne Fields.

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