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By way of the 1760s, such a lot American colonists had turn into bored to death with British rule. They have been bored with the unfair taxes and never having the ability to create their very own legislation, and cries for revolution have been ringing out around the land. because the revolution took carry, Thomas Jefferson drafted a record that officially declared the colonies' independence.

The adoption of the announcement of Independence on July four, 1776, marked a big turning aspect in US heritage. Over the subsequent 5 years, the colonists could struggle to make their independence a fact.

Explore the heritage of this significant record. tune the occasions and turning issues that led the colonies to claim their independence from nice Britain.

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And Americans looking for freedom from oppression have looked to the declaration for inspiration over the decades. Every July 4, Americans mark the signing of the Declaration of Independence as Independence Day. It is a celebration of what freedom means to all Americans. People can see the original Declaration of Independence at the National Archives in Washington, DC. Sept. 28, 1781: The Siege of Yorktown begins. SEPT. 1781 NOV. 1781 Oct. 19, 1781: British general Cornwallis signs the Articles of Capitulation, signaling the end of fighting.

36; National Archives, p. 37; © Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York, USA/The Bridgeman Art Library, p. 38; Superstock/Courtesy Everett Collection, p. 40; © Kean Collection/Archive Photos/Getty Images, pp. 41, 42; © Jonathan Ernst/Reuters/CORBIS, p. 43. Front Cover: Architect of the Capitol. Main text font set in Caecilia Com 55 Rom 11/16. Typeface provided by Linotype AG. 48 THIS PAGE INTENTIONALLY LEFT BLANK MOREY ••• •••A By the 1760s, most American colonists had become The adoption of the Declaration of Independence on July 4, 1776, marked an important turning point in US history.

Formally declared their independence, other European countries were not willing to interfere. They felt that Britain had a right to rule its colonies as it saw fit. Once the colonies had formally declared their independence, other nations began to send money and troops. The Continental Army scored an impressive victory at the Battle of Saratoga in 1777. This gave France 40 Jan. 3, 1777: The Continental Army defeats British forces at the Battle of Princeton in New Jersey. 1776 Nov. 15, 1777: The Continental Congress approves the Articles of Confederation.

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