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By Teresa Solana

One other day in Barcelona, one other slimy politician's spouse is suspected of infidelity. Lluis Font discovers a portrait of his spouse in an exhibition that leads him to finish he's being cuckolded via the artist. involved purely in regards to the power political fallout, he hires twins Eduard and Pep, inner most detectives with a meant knack for aiding the rich with their "dirty laundry." Their workplace is decorated with fake doorways resulting in nonexistent inner most rooms, a mysterious secretary who's constantly away, and a damaged notebook computer picked up in the street. The case turns gruesome while Font's spouse is located poisoned via a marron glacé from a field of goodies introduced anonymously.

This is a deftly plotted, bitingly humorous secret novel. A satire of Catalan politics and a desirable perception into the lifestyles and behavior of Barcelona's population, diurnal and nocturnal.

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