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By Michael McGough

Like any realignment in politics, the Democratic takeover of Congress within the 2006 midterm elections encouraged a raft of quick analyses. One tackle the consequences that's definitely incorrect is that the swap in charge of Congress and the spike in Democratic hopes for the 2008 presidential race mark an finish to the tradition wars that traditional knowledge blamed (or credited) for George W. Bush's re-election in 2004. This ebook units the degree for a brand new attention of the modern tradition wars via interpreting their antecedents—from the Scopes trial to Prohibition to the debate over the superb Court's desegregation and school-prayer rulings to loyalty-oath battles of the Fifties to the pre- Roe v. Wade crusade to liberalize abortion legislation. Even in periods of meant conformism, americans were offered with competing claims approximately what kind of tradition this can be and the way and to what volume govt may still replicate, and police, values. the writer covers such subject matters as same-sex marriage, stem mobilephone study, clever layout, and different sizzling button matters which are debated not only among the spiritual and secular, yet increasingly more one of the ranks of the non secular themselves, the place a spiritual left has emerged to counter arguments from the non secular correct. a person drawn to the intersection of faith and politics, within the upward thrust of the so-called ethical majority, and within the present situation with reference to values and public lifestyles in the US will achieve a greater realizing from studying this book.

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S. 16 Yet that decision did not prevent the school board in Dover, Pennsylvania, from requiring the teaching of ID, nor will Jones’s decision and the approbation it received from scientists and editorial writers prevent future attempts to provide “equal time” for dissent from Darwinism, an idea endorsed by President George W. 17 The cultural war over human origins is likely to continue for several reasons. The Bible Told Me So A literalist reading of the Book of Genesis is not the only or even the oldest interpretation of the first book of the Bible.

Battle lines also are drawn in interpreting the guarantee of the “free exercise” of religion. On one side are those who argue that the Free Exercise Clause means that believers can be exempted from some laws if compliance would create a conflict with their faith. On the other side are scholars and judges—notably Justice Scalia—who do not believe that the First Amendment provides such exemptions. Some opponents of exemptions go further and argue that giving special dispensation to believers in the name of the free exercise of religion runs the risk of violating the Establishment Cause.

9 According to Domke, “It is an attempt to put God’s stamp on a policy as a way to pre-empt or shut down dissent. ”10 And Bush did not confine such comments to State of the Union speeches. In his third debate with John Kerry in 2004, the president said: “I believe that God wants everybody to be free. That’s what I believe. And that’s been part of my foreign policy. In Afghanistan, I believe that the freedom there is a gift from the Almighty. ”11 Acknowledgment, Endorsement, or Accommodation? A voter might respond favorably to religiously rooted rhetoric on the campaign trail, or prefer a person of faith as president, and still object to official endorsement of religion in the form of prayer in public schools or the addition of the words “under God” to the Pledge of Allegiance.

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