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By John A. Clarke

The prognosis, analysis and selection of varied varieties of therapy of burn wounds relies mostly at the actual visual appeal of the wound itself and of the encompassing tissue. This atlas deals a range of illustrations of universal and strange burns, brought on by quite a few brokers. The accompanying captions supply an advent to the identity and class of burns. Outlines of definitely the right administration are provided for every form of damage, with ahead of, in the course of and after therapy sequences the place beneficial.

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Fig. 2 Introduction of the endotracheal tube with restricted opening of the mouth. (a) Scar contractu re between the jaws has made visualization of the coras impossible, and blind nasal intubation has been tried an abandoned. With the nec k fully extended, a large gauge spinal needle is in serted via the cricothyrOid membrane into the larynx. 64 ANAESTHESIA (b) A stiff polythene cannula has been passed through the needle into the larynx and retrogradely through the cords. It is retrieved from the pharynx with Magill's forceps.

D) Escharotomy of the hand . Thorough escharotomies release tension on both hand and fingers. Fig. 18 Deep, charring burn. (a) This type of burn requires a thorough escharotomy and possibly a fascio­ tomy . Early wound excision is recommended . (b) Escharotomy and fasciotomy of the arm . There was delay in performing the escharotomy and some muscle damage was anticipated . The fascia overlying muscle groups has been incised to allow for muscle swelling . 36 ESCHAROTOM Y Fig. 19 An inadequate escharotomy.

5lnhalational injury. (a) Injuries on presentation. (b) Appearances 24 hours later. Collapse of right upper lobe with pneumothorax, chest drain and signs of left sided bronchopneumonia. INHALATIONAL INJURIES Fig. 6lnhalational injury. Rapid development of signs of right upper lobe collapse, followed by conso li dation. The patient was on a ventilator and receiv ing PEEP . (a) Partial coll apse of right mi ddle lobe. (b) Thi s is followed by exte nsive bronchop neumoni a. (c) Pneumothorax with almost total collapse of lung .

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