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By Bulent Gokay

This ebook bargains with the aftermath of the ""Great Game"" - the protracted fight among Britain and Russia for impression within the heart japanese and primary Asian lands that bordered the increasing Russian empire of the late-19th century. It covers a interval that used to be an important within the sleek political historical past of the complete zone from Thrace to the Caucasus, displaying how an alliance among Turkish nationalism and Bolshevism pressured Britain to acknowledge that it didn't have the manpower and assets to consolidate the spoils of its victory after international struggle I. It additionally offers old history to the present geopolitical pursuits of either Turkey and Russia within the war-torn Caucasus.

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Heresy, paganism and millenarianism had all defined Christian responses to Islam for generations. The religious controversies that followed Luther’s demands in Wittenberg in 1517 had many far-reaching effects, but one of their unintended and often overlooked consequences is in Christianity’s perception of Islam. ”18 Like many medieval theologians, Luther saw the “Turk” as another word for ungodliness, a scourge sent by God to punish a wicked, divided Christianity, part of a mysterious but irresistible divine plan.

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