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Batsford Chess Openings 2

A revised and up-to-date variation of the normal single-volume openings reference booklet. The booklet comprises foreign figurine algebraic notation and covers each commencing utilizing known English names. The advent to every starting provides the foremost strategic principles and thought.

Bobby Fischer - Profile of a Prodigy

"Frank Brady, who's as acquainted with Fischer as a person at the big apple chess scene probably might be, has supplied an evidence which neither exonerates nor condemns Mr. Fischer . . . we came across it interesting. " — Library JournalConsidered via many the main outstanding phenomenon within the background of chess and maybe the most powerful participant who ever performed the game, Robert James "Bobby" Fischer is usually, undeniably, some of the most arguable.

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My nerves proved a little sounder in this game. What probably helped were those hours I spent in the fresh air out on the river bank ! S4 Ho me Analysis Game 12 L. Szabo Dutch Defense M. Botvinnik Budapest, April 1952 - A year after my match with Bronstein, my playing form still showed no im­ provement - as the Budapest tournament, held in the spring of 1 95 2, unfor­ tunately confirmed. The following "game of a thousand cuts" against Szabo contains interesting ideas, and some elementary lapses as well.

First, Reshevsky doesn't normally play e2-e4, so it was safe to as­ sume he had something specially prepared against my known fondness for 3 . . Bb4. Secondly, since the game against Alexander (radio match, USSR vs. Great Britain 1 9 4 6 ), I had lost my taste for S . . Bxc 3 +. Reshevsky spent quite a bit of time on the opening, but the plan he came up with is probably the best White has here - an opinion which, curiously enough, the theoreticians only came to share twenty years later. c k's g- and h-pawns.

In order to get his oppon­ ent out of well-trodden paths, he selected a complex variation he had used be­ fore. The only drawback to this method is, however, a significant one: it gives Black. an easy game ! d7-dS 2 d2-d4 3 f2·f3 While the reply 3 . e6 had not yet been introduced into tournament play at that time, it did have its supporters. The proper plan fo r Black - 3 . . e6, followed by Qb6 and c6-cS - appears to have been a suggestion of Maka­ gonov's (we attained the Master rank together, at the V USSR Cliampionship in 1 92 7 ) ; after it was introduced, the variation practically disappeared.

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