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G2-g3 Petrosian has a unique ability to divine danger from afar, and here his prophy­ laxis appears at first sight to be prema­ ture. However, how many dangerous at­ tacks has he managed to defuse in good time over the years ! The variation 1 7 . xc6 1 8 . ttJd4 jLxh 2 + is enough to illustrate some of Black's tactical chances. ttJe4-c5 17. 1S. 'it'd3-b1 ttJc5-e4 19. 'it'b1-d3 ttJe4-c5 20. 'it'd3-d1 A typical situation. White has a strong outpost on d4 , in front of the isolated pawn, but Black's pieces are dynamically placed.

22. 'ii'e3xe6+ 'iVfSxe6 23. l:te1 xe6+ 'it>eS-f7 24. l:te6-e7+ 'Of;>f7-g6 2S. a4-aS l:taS-dS The immediate 2S . . :he8 was also pos­ sible. 26. ia3-d6 l:thS-eS 27. l:te7xeS White wrongly activates the black rook. �f2 the draw was obvious. 27. l:tdSxeS 2S. l:teS-e1 + f2-f3 This is the whole point: White has not managed to get in �f2 . 29. c,t;>g 1 -f2 l:te1 -a1 30. id6-b4 l:ta 1 -b1 31 . b1 -b3 32. ia3-d6 l:tb3-c3 36 . ie6-c4 37. ic4-bS 3S. c2-c3 8 And after the g-pawn moves out of the way, another pawn comes under attack.

Tbc3 0-0 1 5 J:tfd l b6 Black has comfortable play. 14. 0-0 15. l:[a1 -d1 b7-b6 But not 1 5 . . �d7 1 6 . 'ifh5 ! and now both 1 6 . . 'ifxe5 �xe5 1 9 . b3 , and 1 6 . . �c7 ! are bad for Black. 16. ltJb3 is ineffective because of 1 6 . . ib4. and Black has no problems after 1 7 . f4 "'c7 . 1 6. tiJe5xc4 The move 1 6 . . id4 also looks reason­ able. ib7 I S . ie2 . preferring a safer route. 1 7. tiJd2xc4 a6-a5 Increasing the scope of the light­ squared bishop. On 1 7 . . ib7 . aS ! is strong.

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