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Polar animal books for children - a enjoyable and engaging approach for younger readers to determine extra in regards to the polar animal adaptations.
This polar animals publication for children mixes proof, images or even encompasses a video clip part.

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In fact, before it was hunted extensively by whalers, it was most abundant in the Antarctic, where its population numbered over 300,000. Because of its size, the blue whale also has the longest tongue of any animal, and the largest mouth, able to hold as much food as the equivalent of the weight of 10 buses! It cannot swallow an object larger than a beach ball, 61 though, because of the way its mouth is structured, which is why it feeds mostly on krill. Humpback whale with a blue whale by mikebaird Humpback whales spend their summer in Antarctic waters where they feed on krill and fish, then migrate in winter to tropical waters to breed and give birth.

8 meters) long and weigh up to 8800 pounds (3992 kilograms) – that’s even heavier than an adult walrus or a fully grown polar bear. Males are about five to six times larger than females, which is one of the greatest differences among mammals. 59 These alpha males elephant seals battle over territory by mikebaird Southern elephant seals can stay on land for long periods of time – up to three months without eating, simply surviving off their thick blubber. When in the water, they dive repeatedly and do not linger on the surface, diving to depths of over 3000 feet (914 meters) to feed on squid, 60 fish and crustaceans.

Its limbs are also covered in hooks, some with three points. 48 Icefish by Marrabbio2 About twenty-five species of crocodile icefish are currently found in the waters around Antarctica. These fishes have colorless blood because they have no red blood cells, a loss they are able to survive by having low metabolic rates and large blood vessels, as well as larger hearts than other fish. 49 50 Antarctic Animals - Insects The Antarctic winged midge is the only winged insect found in Antarctica. It was only discovered in 1990 and is still being researched.

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